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An enterprise for innovation in the field of infectious disease diagnostics.

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About E25Bio

Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika illnesses have rapidly expanded across the globe in recent years, causing large-scale outbreaks worldwide. Through affordable and early detection, our mission at E25Bio is to prevent severe downstream health outcomes with the use of mobile, fast, real-time reporting to create unprecedented large datasets to guide informed and timely responses for the control of disease spread.

With a highly-specific and sensitive rapid test along with phone-enabled data analytics of diagnosis, we present the first all-in-one solution for real-time simultaneous diagnostics of dengue, Zika and Chikungunya.

Product & Technology

At E25Bio, we develop a low-cost and accurate solution to more effectively facilitate epidemiologic predictions and disease mapping in order to reach, diagnose and treat the greatest number of patients. With only a finger prick, our multiplexed test can swiftly detect the proteins produced by viral infection of dengue, Chikungunya or Zika – all in one device.

With 3.8 billion people in endemic areas and 128 countries affected by mosquito-borne viruses, rapid and early diagnostics are crucial for the management of epidemics and cases worldwide. Our easy-to-use technology is a low-cost rapid device that provides fast and accurate point-of-care results with no cross reactivity. Such a device transforms patient health outcomes by providing correct disease diagnosis, resulting in proper treatment protocols.

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The Challenge

  • Nearly every test on the market exhibits cross reactivity between similar viruses.

  • PCR & ELISA take significant time to report results, leading to delayed patient care.

  • PCR methods are expensive and require trained personnel, equipment and reagents to operate.

  • Even existing rapid diagnostics do not leverage advances in technology to provide better data collection and reporting.

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Our Solution

  • Fast, accurate, tech-enabled, low-cost diagnostic platform linked to real-time data collection and regional mapping.

  • Rapid (minutes) on-site, point-of-care results enable correct diagnosis and prompt treatment therapy.

  • Fingerstick blood, easy diagnostic transport and handling, no external reagents required.

  • Accurately differentiates dengue serotypes.

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↓cost ↑ patients reached ↑ accuracy in epidemiologic predictions

We are building the future of rapid diagnostics worldwide.

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Founder’s Mission Statement:

Today’s advancements in biological sciences and technology are transforming traditional approaches to healthcare -- uprooting entrenched methodologies and practices and clearing the path for new strategies and actions. Conventional medicine practice, patient treatment protocols, and disease control strategies are changing in the advent of swifter, more agile and accessible techniques. The future is here.

Irene Bosch, PhD
CEO & Founder
Bobby Brooke Herrera, PhD
CSO & Co-Founder
E25Bio Inc.

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