Enabling earlier diagnosis, with greater accuracy, at low levels of the healthcare system.

Fever syndromes account for over 1 billion episodes annually and are one of the most common reasons to seek care worldwide. For the nearly 3 billion people who live in the equatorial belt a high fever can signal the onset of potentially deadly infectious diseases. E25Bio Inc. is a Tough Tech company based at The Engine developing Rapid Diagnostic Tests for fever. Existing solutions rely heavily on centralized laboratory equipment and trained staff, cold chain for specimen transport, and hub-and-spoke reporting mechanisms for data. Our innovations aim to provide people with a much simpler alternative: to identify infectious diseases in time to avoid serious complications and death. Through early and accurate screening, we can help equip the right patient with the right treatment at the right time.


Our innovation starts with an antibody discovery process. We use this to scientifically iterate faster and find better-performing antibody pairs. We then translate these optimal antibody pairs into affordable, point-of-care rapid diagnostic tests. Our approach will enable patients to to seek rapid detection of vector borne diseases over the counter, without needing to wait for the clinician to perform an examination or central lab referral. The technology concept democratizes health access by giving patients a rapid diagnosis to epidemic tropical fevers.


Irene Bosch, PhD


Bobby Brooke Herrera, PhD


Lee Gehrke, PhD


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