E25Bio's novel technology is developed in-house by Harvard and MIT scientists

Molecular Tests

We design proprietary enzymes to bind and amplify nucleic acids at room temperature. Our novel technology has better accuracy than “gold standard” PCR without the need for equipment and at a fraction of the cost and time.

From STI’s, Lyme Disease, the Flu, and coronaviruses to food testing, we can test anything with DNA or RNA. Testing as we know it is about to change.

DNA 3D representation
e25bio antigen test 3D represented

Antigen Tests

Monoclonal Antibodies

For our antigen tests, such as COVID-19, dengue fever, and Zika, we use a high-throughput screening platform to identify antibody pairs that can accurately detect target proteins using nanotechnology.

Digital Platform

Our tests are integrated with our digital platform that allows you to track, monitor, and share disease information in real time.

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